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The Campaign for Female Education (CAMFED)'s life skills curriculum builds abilities such as confidence and problem-solving in a way that recognizes the particular challenges rural students might face. Each chapter focuses on a different skill, and is designed to be delivered by a trained ‘Guide’ using participatory learning techniques.

Girls' Club Starter Kit
Malala Fund Advocacy Guide

Girls around the world are demanding their right to go to school and pursue the careers they want! Malala Fund’s easy-to-use guide on taking action for girls’ education will help girls know how to use their voice to demand their right to education – and to live the life they deserve!

Want to start a girls’ club for your students? This starter toolkit by Impact(Ed) International (formerly Discovery Learning Alliance), targets potential club mentors and introduces them to the club concept. It also provides an activity planning framework to guide discussions and planning.

Need Help? Childline Kenya is a 24-hour toll-free helpline dedicated to creating safe environments for all children.

Just dial 116

Or WhatsApp: 0722 116 116

Child Helpline
CAMFED My Better World Curriculum
Facilitation Guides

These facilitation guides contain keyword definitions, guiding questions, important facts and conversation starters that may help young people – and the adults in their life – discuss sensitive topics. The guides were originally designed for facilitation club sessions, but may be helpful for post-viewing consideration and discussion at home or elsewhere.

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Advocacy Guide
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