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1 & 2


Being Well and Doing Well:

The Watermelon Story

Being Healthy:

The River Story

Being Safe:

The Toilet Story

Being Purpose Driven:

The Chicken Coop Story

Being Positive:

The Math Test Story

Being Caring:

The Tree Planting Story


5 & 6

Controlling Your Feelings:

The Jealousy Story

Controlling Your Feelings:

The Anger Story

Controlling Your Feelings:

The Self Esteem Story

Controlling Your Actions:

The Temptation Story

Controlling Your Actions:

The Honesty Story

Controlling Your Actions:

The Responsibility Story


9 & 10

Being Empathetic:

The Groundnuts Story

Being Helpful:

The Little Thief Story

Being Selfless:

The City Trip Story

Being Open-Minded:

The Great Debate Story

Being Flexibly-Minded:

The New Job Story

Being Fair Minded:

The Porridge Story


13 & 14

Being Brave:

The Party Planner Story

Being Resilient:

The Class Project Story

Being Realistic:

The Big Deal Story

Being Conscientious:

The New Cows Story

Being Organized and Efficient:

The Swim Time Story

Being Goal-Directed:

The New Talent Story


17 & 18

Being Creative and Resourceful:

The Flood Story

Being Reasonable:

The Chillies Story

Being Critical:

The Election Story

Being Thoughtful:

The Market Mess Story

Being Wise:

The Free Ride Story

The Friends Farewell Story

Coming Soon!


3 & 4

Being Calm:

The Housework Story

Being Free:

The Bracelet Story

Being Confident:

The Talent Show Story

Being Goal-Focused:

The Flat Ball Story

Being Interested:

The Concert Story

Being Creative:

The New Phone Story

Being Happy:

The Football Dream Story


7 & 8

Being Conscious and Attentive:

The Goals Story

Being Mindful and Present:

The New Garden Story

Being Conscious of the Past:

The Pond Story

Being Conscious of the Future:

The Accident Story

Being Conscious of Yourself:

The Period Story

Being Conscious of Others:

The Firewood Story


11 & 12

Being Collaborative:

The Corporal Punishment Story

Being Communicative:

The Lost Days Story

Being Assertive:

The Womanhood Story

Being Civil:

The Mean People Story

Being Tolerant:

The Bus Journey

Being Forgiving:

The License Story


15 & 16

Being Proactive:

The Bruises Story

Being Responsible:

The Fundraising Story

Being Sincere and Honest:

The Transport Story

Being Adaptable:

The Business Day Story

Being Curious:

The Dead Fish Story

Being Imaginative:

The New Play Story

Coming Soon!
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