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The Series.

My Better World is an exciting new series from the creators of "Inside Story" and "The Lucky Specials", two of the most seen movies across Africa. The series's novel “animated/reality” style combines entertaining animation with real-life issues, and is meant to entertain while inspire important conversations among African youth on topics like self-advocacy, being and doing well, and leading a happy and healthy life. The series was developed with the help of local teens, and brought to life by a team of artists and animators across Africa.


The series follows the adventures of six African teens as they navigate the complex challenges of school, family and friendship. Along the way, they discover their strengths and learn how to support each other. At each episode’s core are inspiring mini-documentaries where real-life heroes tell their personal stories of courage and resilience.


The series will be available in English, Somali, Hausa, and Swahili, and is already generating excitement among young people and their parents across Africa!

The Producers.


Fundi Films is an independent media production company with over 20 years of experience making films for popular television broadcast. For that last decade they have focused on producing films with a positive social impact.


Fundi Films has produced four critically acclaimed films for Impact(Ed) International (formerly Discovery Learning Alliance), which created the "My Better World" series. The most recent, "The Rights of Child”, uses a blend of stop motion animation and documentary stories to teach children’s rights to young people across Africa. The film won the United Nations award at the New York Film Festival for the film that "best exemplifies the ideals and goals of the United Nations."

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Making of My Better World



The Animators.

MAAN Creative is a boutique design, illustration and animation studio based in Johannesburg, South Africa. In this Q&A, Michael Clark and Johan Scheepers, the Studio’s Animation Co-Directors, describe their journey bringing My Better World to life!

The Creators.

My Better World is an animated series developed by Impact(Ed) International (formerly Discovery Learning Alliance) in partnership with the Campaign for Female Education (CAMFED) and based on the CAMFED My Better World Curriculum.

Impact(Ed) uses the power of media to transform education and improve lives globally. We develop and distribute popular media including feature films, talk shows and animated series, to help create an environment where students and communities thrive. Additionally, our rich library of educational videos is created with local educators, and covers topics from malaria to mathematics to Mars.

Created by the Discovery Channel in 1994, Impact(Ed) has brought learning to life and life to learning for more than 2 million students across 16 countries. Impact(Ed)’s mass media projects — broadcast to more than 822 million people — have changed attitudes, knowledge and behaviors to advance public health, youth agency, women’s empowerment and girls’ education.



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